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Hawthorn's approach to financing and investment decisions has a long term focus. Our thorough due diligence is characteristic of our work and we take a great deal of pride in our capabilities to analyze various healthcare projects and ventures with the objective of structuring the most advantageous financing alternatives for a client. Our process involves a rigorous analysis of various financial, regulatory and management c onsiderations before arriving at a recommended course of action. Additionally, due to Hawthorn's experience in working with physicians, hospitals and ancillary service providers in a number of states, Project Partners are conversant with industry terminology and issues confronting providers today, such as licensing, reimbursement, safe harbor regulations, managed care etc.

The primary objective of our work is to provide healthcare providers with highly competitive financing alternatives for facilities and ventures. To assist in this process of finding and implementing the best possible solutions to client needs, we maintain close working relationships with outside experts who have specialized skills in banking, law, taxation, management consulting, and accounting so that these resources are readily available to clients.

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